Debbie's Backyard Discoveries

Wow! It’s been a long time since I’ve written.  Why?  My backyard!  This yard is an amazing and fascinating yard, a world full of excitement.  Walking around this yard is like going on a treasure hunt.  I take my curiosity and go on the prowl.  And I always find something new, something interesting, something that just stops me in my tracks and makes me want to know more about what I am seeing. 

Come walk with me for a moment and let me show you some of my findings…. Oh!  There’s a butterfly feeding on the nectar of a native plant, I need to identify that beauty.  Oh!  Look at that bird’s nest, who’s is it? Any toads hanging out in the tiny toad pond?  Not yet.  Look, there’s a bumble bee deep down in that great tubular flower.  Oh wow!  The birds are going crazy on the cherry tree, eating all the fruits in a hurry.  Wait, what birds are there?  Where’s the binoculars? Let me check on the growth of the bushes I planted last year.  What’s that?  Is that a deer in my suburban yard, say what??  Two deer?   Holy cow!  LIGHTING BUGS!  I love lightening bugs!  I could go on and on, but you get the drift…. I feel so many wonderful things and I feel them throughout my body!  Really, no kidding, something happens deep within me when I find something.  I get curious, I get excited, I get happy.  I feel this in my body, the feelings are of pure joy from head to toe.

Of course, not all my discoveries are happy ones.  I don’t like finding feathers indicating that a hawk has preyed on a song bird.  I don’t like noticing that a section of my lawn has been taken over by the very invasive Japanese Stilt grass.  I don’t like seeing a bird egg laying open in my driveway or seeing the beetles destroying my plants or finding a five-foot-long (harmless) snake.  But, for some reason when I discover these not so great situations I am able to feel my sorrow, regret, annoyance, fear and move on.  I don’t seem to linger in those upsets and they don’t consume me.  Why is this?  Is it because I know right around the corner something delightful will happen?  I think so.

Maybe it’s the same way with life.  Maybe we can get excited each day by the new discoveries we’ll find.  Maybe we can embrace this mindset and search for the good.  Sometimes we may have to dig deep, look real hard, but knowing it’s there somewhere.  And maybe when we encounter those things that are not so happy or joyous, to take notice of it, tenderly care for it non-judgmentally, deal with it as needed, as necessary, but also keep moving ahead still searching and seeking for those moments, or even seconds of pure, innocent, bliss.  Maybe? Can you? 

Could it be “what we seek we’ll find?”  Could it be that easy?  Research says we have the capability of changing our brains, actually rewire them!  Maybe we can change it to find the joy, and not continuously focusing on the difficulties.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t feel the negative emotions.  Anyone who knows me knows that I think we should embrace all our emotions and feelings, even the dark ones.  All our feelings and emotions have meaning, a purpose and need to be explored and processed. But, we don’t have to live in the dark, in the dread, in the negative, forever or for long.  We can stop the battles, change the course and place your attention on something joyous.

So, what are you focusing on?  Can you hunt for the beautiful treasures each day that life has to offer?  They’re there, and some days you may have to look real hard, but look, you may find that moment that’ll turn you around and put you in a new direction.

Let me know what you find exciting in your world!  What brings you this type of passion?  Get curious, get excited, explore and discover all the goodness that you can. 

Quote for the day:

“Learn to master your thoughts and watch closely what you deposit into your spirit. Speak over your life. Living in peace has transformative power.” 
― Germany Kent

Full disclosure.  If you saw my yard you wouldn’t find it to be anything special.  You wouldn’t drive by and say, wow, look at that!  There are no majestic mountain views, fields of lavender or rolling streams. It’s a very plain, ordinary suburban yard, 1-acre lot, on a flat parcel of land, with neighbors all around me.  But, to me, it’s a treasure chest and I see nothing but pure beauty and bliss.  Now, let me start pulling those nasty weeds, remove the never-ending ivy, start weed-whacking and watering, and continue to uncover all the beauty that surrounds me even in the mist of all the turmoil, work, and drudgery. 

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