Stretching Myself

I have a smart and loving friend who gently encouraged me to update my professional website and suggested that I first start with a professional photographer.  My first thought was No.  Don’t want to. Too hard, too much money, too fat, too old, don’t know how, no, no, no.  When she mentioned it a second time along with a referral to a photographer I thought about it and decided maybe it was time for some updates.

After subjecting some very kind friends to a parade of various wardrobes, I meet with the photographer, Claire.  My anxiety was initially high (old tapes playing again, to fat, to old) but Claire quickly made the experience delightfully fun.  I felt good and I felt energized!  And by the way, she does great work!

Step 2, the website.  I wanted my smart and loving friend to DO the website for me.  Here’s the info, go to town.  But, it didn’t work that way, she wanted me to do it WITH her.  Here we go again, no, I can’t, I don’t know how, I have a headache already!  There was some back and forth about me be stretching into a new area and with pushing back with basically, I don’t want to, not my area of expertise, and a ton of other excuses.  She persisted, and she won.  And guess what?  It was interesting, and I started to relax and not be fearful! I gained some confidence.  I can do this!

Next, this dear friend now suggested that I write a blog.  WHAT?  Are you kidding me?  No, not just no but Hell No!  Grammar, sentence structure, spelling?  But she gently pushed and said try to come up with some topics.  I said okay, and she said what are they?  I don’t know, I’ll get back to you (no way was I going to do this!).  But before I got off the phone ideas were popping up all over the place, I had over a dozen topics!  It appears that I have a lot to say!  Oh but what is no one cares, no one listens….. S T O P   I T.   I’m going to do this regardless!

Author, researcher, Brene Brown, states “the foundation of courage is vulnerability-the ability to navigate uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure.”  So, here I go!  I’m going face all my fears, leap into an unknown area, risk criticism and whatever else.  But mostly, I’m going to just have fun with it all.

And here I am!  I really thank this friend for hand-holding me along this new path of learning.  Without her gentle persistence I would have never ventured out this way.  

When someone offers to lend you a hand or wants to lead you on a new path, go!  Explore!  Be willing to take a risk and allow yourself to be vulnerable.  

So, Stretch Yourself!  Be courageous! Be bold! Face those fears head on!  Trust me, even in failure you’ll gain rewards. Without trying you lose your dreams, the chance to grow, to build confidence, and you lose gaining valuable insights.  What old tapes are holding you back?

Call me if you need some gentle encouragement or a little nudge!  304-533-6135

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