Lend a Helping Hand

Let me tell you about my dear friend, Abigail Benjamin, the one who gave me the inspiration and motivation to kick-up my game.

Abigail is extremely devoted to her faith, husband and family. She home schools her six children (yes 6).  She is active with the children’s extracurricular activities.   She is a true advocate for the environment, the under privileged and the marginalized.  She’s been known to knock on the doors of congress in our state capital of Charleston and locally to such places/people as townhall meetings, the Mayor’s office and even the Chief of Police. 

In additional to all of this she has a chosen career of a practicing attorney!  Can you imagine?!

And with all this activity, all this busyness, she still found time to mentor a friend.  Think about that for a moment…..  she still found time to mentor a friend.

My gratitude goes beyond words.  I’m deeply touched by her kindness and willingness to help.  She is a true example to me of how we should walk in this world….. by reaching out to others and lending a helping hand no matter how busy you are (or think you are).

So, how busy are you?  To busy to help your friend, a family member, your neighbor?  Are you willing to sacrifice a little of your time to enlighten someone’s life?  Or to embrace and share in someone else’s dreams or success?  Are you?  Can you?

I’d like to ask everyone to pause their lives at various moments and lend a helping hand to someone else.  Good Karma, good will, good vibes, good going, good deeds.  It feels Good to do for others!

And who’s there for you?  Do you have an Abigail in your life?  If so treasure those kind souls who give so selflessly.  Nurture those relationships because that is the true meaning of friendship. 

If you lack for these types of positive relationships call me.  Let me be the one to give you a helping hand, to cheer you on, to stand in your corner.

Thank you again my dear friend, thank you for extending your hand.  I will never forget. 

Maya Angelou says:

            People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Thanks Abigail for making me feel special and important.

**Oh, I forgot to mention, Abigail is also an author who is in the process of writing a book!  Talk about amazing!**